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Frog Blog

Greetings from Frogwarts 2016!  Bumblebone here:  

Day Two:

Well, the Big Drama has started!  Wizards have been finding charms with their names on them and there is much conjecture as to exactly WHAT is leaving them and WHY they are being left!  There was a sighting of a cloaked figure in green (The Green Man -- though the kids haven't identified him yet) but whether or not that figure is benevolent or not remains to be determined.  We DO know that the charms have positive energy, so some of the students have proposed that they are gifts from a benevolent creature who is trying to protect the wizards from something.  More action in the Big Drama is planned for this afternoon.

Last night, the Open Mic was a FANTASTIC display of the amazing talent of our wizards!  19 wizards got up for the first open mic, there were instruments, original mu

It's also beautiful to see how much they support each other in this -- whether someone is singing for the camp for the first time (Magius) perfecting a new stand up comedy routine (Sasuke) improvising dance (Bossumeus) or sharing original poetry (Royale) the wizards totally respect each other and applaud wildly in support.  

Day One is off to a great start!  We had organic eggs with our toast (Thanks to the Food Store!) and cereal with milk.  The Wizards are off to various classes now.  I can hear the Erie Lake Group learning about the Lady of the Lake, and out the window in Channeling class working on their first creative writing assignment.  A few kids were missing home a bit last night, but that's to be expected -- new place, new friends, and full of energy!  The night after the first full day is typically much better: a whole day of fun classes and the first installment of the Big Drama gives them things to look forward to and secondly, the kids are tired and they fall asleep quickly.  

This is a FANTASTIC group of Wizards.  Thank you for supporting your child's growth as a creative and expressive being by sending to Frogwarts camp.  These are VERY special kids and they make this a VERY special place.  

Wizarding Names

All campers take on a role-playing wizard persona. One of the first things we ask you to do is select a wizarding name! Click here for a list of name ideas!  Sorry....the names Harry, Ron or Hermione are not permitted. 


Welcome Wizards!

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