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DATES for FROGWARTS 2014 are confirmed!  Join us for one or two weeks: July 13-19 and/or July 20-26!

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We are looking for new wizards, so … please refer your friends to Frogwarts!  If a new wizard registers and gives your name as a referral, Deputy Headmistress Underbottom will add a $20 credit to your Gringott’s Frogwarts branch account, to be spent at the Joke Shoppe.

This year, in addition to the traditional Wizard-school lessons and classes, we will have a very special Time And Relative Dimension In Space visitor …


Megan Paul, Neferet, Noella
Isis, Psyche, Ceridwin, Talula Kye 
Carfrus Maximus, Phoenix, Levethix, 
Deltor, Minerva M'Goo 



About Frogwarts

       Frogwarts is a role-play creativity camp originally inspired by the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. Primarily a literacy and character development curriculum, the camp invites all participants to play in-role, sustaining a fantasy character for an entire week. All attendees, staff included, take on a role-playing wizard persona. Frogwarts enriches the lives of youth during camp--and throughout the year--by providing a memorable experience which cultivates the creative, emotional, and imaginative intelligences in the campers. In addition to critical thinking and literacy skills, the program provides experiential training in empathy and compassion through drama.

       One of the most important aspects of the camp experience is the close relationships developed. Many campers make such great friends that they stay in contact throughout the year, until they can meet up again at Frogwarts! "Frogwarts is like a big family reunion. Everyone is in absolute support of each other. There are a lot of returning students, but the new students are welcomed and included right away. At the end of the week, there isn't really one student that anyone isn't friends with," says one returning student, after her 9th consecutive year. "Frogwarts has been a huge part of my childhood and my own character development. I've taken so many memories and picked up so many invaluable life lessons. I wouldn't trade my experience of Frogwarts for anything."

       Campers must select a "Wizarding name" to use throughout the week. They are split into three houses (Morningstar, Dragon Wing and Selkie Clan) of mixed ages on the first day during "sorting" and attend classes (such as Transfiguration, Defense Against Darkness, Potions, Gravity Defiance and more) with groups divided by age. The most magical aspect of Frogwarts, and what sets it apart from normal summer camps, is the development of a story, dramatized in real-time by some campers or staff or guest artists. Students use their critical thinking, imagination, and role-play skills to act along with the drama, which is designed to guide students through a process of questioning good versus evil, right versus wrong, to the triumph of compassion, creativity, empathy, and fun!


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