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Professor Agatha Bumblebone, Headmistress, founded Frogwarts School of Wizardry with her sister, Earth Underbottom, in 2002. A graduate of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, she attended Iridescent College and received advanced degrees in Spelling, Charming, and Defense Against Darkness. She presents regularly at the annual international Delicious Fear conference and is a member of BLECH (Benevolent League of Creative Harmonics) and ICK (Imagination for Compassionate Kindred). In the non-wizarding world, Agatha is often mistaken for Amy Ressler, artistic director of the Great Midwestern Educational Theatre Company, who recently joined the theatre faculty at California State University in Bakersfield.  


Professor Eartha Underbottom, Deputy Headmistress, is one of three sisters who have been gracing the walls and halls of Frogwarts School of Wizardry since its inception. She is currently Deputy Head Mistress in charge of creating schedules out of nothing and stuff and nonsense. Professor Underbottom was promoted to Deputy Headmistress after eons of attempting to engage the minds and hearts of young wizards in the magical ways of plants and trees and other magical living flora. She studied under the genius tutelage of Sir James John Autobahn. Eartha’s sisters include her twin, Mirtha.  Mirtha teaches Frivolity at Toadwarts Kinder Academy. Eartha’s elder sister is Bertha. Unfortunately, Bertha currently resides at a ministry run home for unstable geniuses. 


Robertus Bobrid became a fan of fantasy role-playing games in the early 80s with a game called Dungeons & Dragons, instantly fell in love with the Harry Potter books and movies. He enjoyed the early days of Frogwarts when many of his nieces and nephews were  wizards, and he taught Wiccer and then Hobbitat, and just helped out in general. He also enjoyed assisting his mother, Madame Whoopensocker, in the kitchen when she was the kitchen witch. After she cast her final culinary spell, he picked up the mortar and pestle and began trying not to poison the young wizards.

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Madame Helga Hellenfury began her study of witchcraft under her parents strict and solitary tutelage deep in the Forbidden Forest. Her father, Lord Heinrich von Hellen and her mother Lady Hilda de Fury demanded nothing but the best from Helga Hellenfury and hired the best teachers to provide for her education. Thus she excelled in Channelling, Mystical Reflection, Herbalism, Broom Flight, and Storytelling and writing enhanced by the mentorship of Agatha Bumblebone. After a very stormy beginning to her time at Frogwarts she has learned quite a lot about social interactions and behaviors in the wizard world which has been the focus of her latest fascination. Her position at Frogwarts began three years ago teaching classes in Channelling, Mystical Reflection and serving as head of house as needed. In the muggle world she is mistaken for Heidi Zull who works at the University of Dubuque as an adjunct professor in sociology and English. 

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Madame Iffy Omnipita- Head of the Lower-School, Potions Mistress.  Mme Omnipita graduated with honors from Beauxbatons Academy and received advanced degrees in Potions, Transfiguration, Diviniation and Education from Kenyon College's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  She began her teaching career at Frogwarts as a Divination Instructor, but she feels her true calling is as Potion's Mistress.  In the muggle world, she earns her living as an elementary drama teacher because creativity is a powerful form of magic even among muggles.

Reva SheReva: Divination Teacher; Dean of the Upper School. Reva joined the Frogwarts Family in 2007 as culinary apprentice to Madame Whoopensocker. Upon completion of her 3 year tenure as Kitchen Wench and a recognition of her “Seer Senses,” Prof. Underbottom assigned Reva to teach Divination.  Following study and practice with the power of Crystal and Cloud Gazing; Pendulum, Rune, and Palmistry Elucidation; accompanied by Ink Blot and Tarot Card Signification, Reva’s contributions to combatting the evil intruders at Frogwarts has become legendary. Professor Bumblebone once remarked, “She’s the real deal.” Recognizing the necessity of teaching wizards self-preservation techniques for the muggle world, Reva has since focused her classes on the Magic of Mindfulness.

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