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Preparation:  you should know at least the very first Harry Potter book.  The Harry Potter movies are good preparation, too, but much of the book was cut out of the story in order to make the movies less than three hours!


Welcome packet: your child will receive a welcome packet with information about camp during the first week of June. 


Role-play characters:  Frogwarts is an entirely role-play summer camp, in which all participants will pretend to be students (or teachers) attending a wizardry school like the one in the Harry Potter fantasy fiction series by J.K. Rowling.  Each student will be encouraged to create for himself or herself an entirely original, unique character – including a new wizarding-world name, and background.  No one will be playing the roles of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, or any of the professors from Hogwarts.


Our purposes are to:  1. learn; 2. have fun; 3. encourage creativity; and, 4. work together.  As such, students will not be graded, but will earn or lose points for their “house,” where cooperation and support is valued and competition is not.  Frogwarts is a place where everyone can be successful.


Supervision:  Students will be supervised at all times; will move in groups from one class to another, with a Prefect (counselor) or Faculty leader.  Students are expected to stay with their group at all times..


Facilities: Wizards sleep in dorms, and eat in the Great Hall. There are indoor showers, several air conditioned classrooms and plenty of places to play and learn in the shade. 


Screens and technology: Frogwarts is a technology-free experience. Campers are not allowed to have cell phones but they can call home at any time using the camp director's cell phone. 

Awards 1.JPG
Afternoon Warter.JPG

Professors Bumblebone and Underbottom with Professors Faux, Omnipota, 

Opus, Lala,

Hellenfury, ZipZoom and Slugworth

welcome the following Wizards to Frogwarts 2023: 




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