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For Campers and Parents

1.  How do I prepare for camp?

You will receive a welcome packet with all the instructions and information about camp. Campers are required to select a "wizard name" by which they will be known at camp. The idea of taking on a different name for the week is to help the kids "transform" for the role-play aspect of the camp. Also, if you have read any of the books, great! If not, you might want to view the movies. Really, any one can have a fun and successful time at the camp even with no knowledge of Harry Potter at all. There will be get-to-know you games to begin, and theatre-based creativity curricula in science, literature, mathematics, biology, creative writing, strategy, gaming, and even stage combat. We have an excellent faculty of professional educators from many levels -- elementary educators through college professors -- who believe in the importance of imagination as a life-enriching skill, and a divergent way of thinking. All the "Professors" will also teach "in role."

2.  What about my child's medications?

We have a nurse on duty for the camp who will be responsible for distributing medications and recording the distribution, in addition to general overall care. Only the staff knows who needs meds or special attention, treated as confidential.

3.  When will I get my registration packet?

The packets should be sent out in June after we receive your registration.

4.  Can I bring my camera to camp?

Yes, if you don't possess a magic picture rock, a camera is allowed, however, muggle electronics are NOT.

(No cellphones, ipods, MP3 players, handhelds, gameboys, etc.) Please do not bring expensive electronics, or cameras!

5.  Can I bring my pet to camp like in the Harry Potter books?

Sorry, the answer here is no. Frogwarts doesn't have an owlery, rookery, or any room for pets. Camp is only one week, so hopefully you can find a creature-friendly friend at home to look after them. We do have an emotional support dog (Julius) who is very good with homesick campers. Sometimes kids come to see him just to help "center" themselves -- he is good like that!

6.  Can I request that my child get put in a group with their friend/s?

While the sorting hat has the final "say" it certainly is open to suggestions, especially when those suggestions come from a parent or guardian. Please note that wizards in the same age group will be in classes together anyway; HOUSE sorting is intentionally mixed-age, for special HOUSE activities. Please keep in mind that wizards who are in the same age group for classes AND the same HOUSE for mixed-age activities will be spending 24 hours a day for the WHOLE week together. Consider that when making a house request of the Sorting Hat ... some times even the best of friends need a short break from each other. Switching houses mid-week is not allowed because it messes up the entire balance of groups

7.  May I tip my child's counselor (prefect)?

Sure!  Is it expected?  No, of course not.  But since most of our staff are volunteers, a little Muggle Money demonstrating appreciation for the 24-hour care that your child has received under the watchful eye of our magical (creative, kind, fun, energetic) staff might be nice. It's up to you.


About the Camp

1. Does Frogwarts teach witchcraft?

No, it does not. It IS fun crafts and games, originally based on the Harry Potter series, but now focused more on the "magic" of our real universe -- from the wonders of science, to the creation of beauty through words in poetry ... our purposes are to learn, be creative and have fun. The central experience relies on the transformative power of the imagination -- to build self-esteem, comraderie, divergent thinking skills and team-work skills. Kids who come to Frogwarts are from many different religions, probably (We don't inquire.) But there is no class that teaches any kind of religion.

2.  What is a "Wizarding Name?"

The selection of a wizarding world name is the first step in creating a completely unique, dimensional "character" that your child will play for the whole week of Frogwarts. (It also allows us to post some of the really cool photos of Frogwarts wizards in ACTION during camp, without worrying about identity.)

Most of the time, wizard names are selected from mythical characters or heroes from many different cultures ... or even just a made-up name that reflects some aspect of the student's personality, philosophy, or aspirations. Maybe an animal that has qualities that the student wants to emulate or already possesses. Most wizard campers keep the same name from one year to the next, but not all.

NO one will play the roles of Harry, Ron, or Hermione from the Harry Potter books, so don't choose one of those names.

3.  Is Frogwarts just a summer school?

Aha! Frogwarts kids learn a lot! Much of the curriculum has been inspired by Gifted and Talented curriculum -- which is often more interesting than regular school, unfortunately -- but since students are not graded per se, they are motivated by the FUN of learning rather than traditional "consequences."

4.  Are house points like grades?

Well, no. House Points at Frogwarts are reserved for demonstrations of the core objectives of Wizardry camp: Creativity, Compassion, Courage, Team "house" Spirit, Kindness, and ... Quidditch. At Frogwarts, we don't award one house for the most points; instead we have seperate awards for the winning house of Quidditch games, table inspection (cleanup after meals) and the dance contest! This offers more opportunities for houses to win awards.

5.  Who are the professors at Frogwarts?

Frogwarts' professors are muggle teachers and professionals in their fields of expertise, and several have received awards for excellence in teaching! In order to teach or work at Frogwarts, all staff members' references and backgrounds must be checked. Quite a few of them contribute to OTHER special projects as Artistic Associates of the Great Midwestern Educational Theatre Company, but all enjoy having fun in learning, and the challenge of long-form improvisation.

6.  What's the schedule like?

On the first day, your wizard will be "sorted" into one of the houses of Frogwarts: Dragonwing, Morningstar, or Selkieclan. Then there is "house time," which occurs every day after breakfast, when the multi-age groups of wizards get to know each other, determine the strengths of their particular house, play games, discuss books and movies, practice Quidditch skills, etc. After house time, the students go to the classes -- not by house, but by age-group assignments. There is another short "house time" after lunch, and after that there are more classes. Students report for "Cauldron" (a.k.a. snack) in the afternoon. After Cauldron, there are more classes, followed by dinner and a campfire which is hosted by one house each night. Dismissed to get ready for bed at 9 pm, and lights out at 10p.m!

7.  Are there any books or supplies required to bring to camp?

All books and supplies are included in the registration fee. Bookmaking is sometimes offered as a craft and those books are used for Divination (creative writing). Students are invited to bring Harry Potter books, which are mainly used for reference or for enjoyment. Students are encouraged to bring costume items to assist with character development (like cloaks and hats) and the annual Transfiguration Ball is an occasion that surely warrants a creative get-up! There is no list of required items, except, of course, clothing and bedding things. Your wizard will recieve a list of things to pack in the letter that comes after registration.

About the Facilities

1.  Are the facilities air-conditioned?

Yes. All indoor classrooms and dorms are air-conditioned. The only classrooms that are not air-conditioned are those that meet under a canopy in the woods. 

2.  Is there a swimming pool?

Yes, there is. We do swim a few times a week. No one is forced to swim, however. Swimming is merely for enjoyment.