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Since 2003, Frogwarts School of Wizardry has been a one-of-a-kind haven for young people to grow in imagination, self-determination, acceptance and compassion -- within a drama framework inspired by mythic story themes. 


Frogwarts is a role-play creativity camp originally inspired by the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. With a literacy and character development core curriculum, the camp invites all participants to play in-role, sustaining a fantasy character for an entire week. All attendees, staff included, take on a role-playing wizard persona.


Wizarding Names and Houses

Campers must select a "Wizarding name" to use throughout the week. On the first day of camp, they are sorted into one of the four mixed-age houses of Frogwarts: Morningstar, Dragon Wing, Terra Tribe or Selkie Clan. 

Big Drama

A magical aspect of Frogwarts, and what sets it apart from other summer camps, is the development of a story, dramatized in real time by the campers, staff and guest artists.  ("Big Drama.")  Together we create an original, interactive, improvisational drama that provides the opportunity to make creative choices and give meaning to experience. Students use their critical thinking, imagination, and role-play skills to take action in the drama, which is designed to guide students through a process of questioning good versus evil, right versus wrong, to the triumph of courageous compassion, creativity, empathy, and fun. 


Frogwarts students take classes in real-world subjects taught by excellent teachers who make learning exciting and fun by relating the coursework to the unfolding drama.



  • “Care of Magical Creatures" is Biology

  • "Arithmagic and Codebreaking" is Mathematics

  • "Defense Against Darkness" is Stage Combat and Positive Psychology

  • "Hobbitat and Hobbitology" is Economics and Social Studies; 

  • "Potions" and "Divination" is Creative Drama and Creative Writing


Whenever possible, course topics are woven into the role-play scenario, referred to by the campers as the "Big Drama."  For example, the theme-related science lab once revealed werewolf DNA that was a central part of the drama, wizards used their newly-honed stage combat skills to fight off a marauding band of invisible river trolls, and another class used a hobbit village as an example of how community economics works. Kids learn how to compose music, create puppets, choreograph stage fights and mock battles, improvise characters, tell stories – the list goes on.  They are having so much fun, they don’t realize they are learning! 


An important aspect of the camp experience is the close relationships developed. Many campers make such great friends that they stay in contact throughout the year, until they can meet up again at Frogwarts the next summer. Over 92% of Frogwarts students return for more than one summer. 


"Frogwarts is like a big family reunion. Everyone is in absolute support of one another. There are a lot of returning students, but the new students are welcomed and included right away. At the end of the week, there isn't really one student that anyone isn't friends with," says one returning student, after her 9th consecutive year. "Frogwarts has been a huge part of my childhood and my own character development. I've made so many memories and learned so many invaluable life lessons. I wouldn't trade my experience of Frogwarts for anything."