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Dust off your wizard's cloak and enter an exciting world of magical creatures, powerful wizards, and mysterious spells! 


Get ready to have the time of your life, meet new friends and discover your inner, magical wizard! Frogwarts School of Wizardry will take campers on a journey through science, math, reading, writing, and acting. All attendees, staff included, take on a role-playing wizard persona.


A magical aspect of Frogwarts which sets it apart from other summer camps, is the development of a story, dramatized in real-time by campers, staff, and guest artists. Students use their critical thinking, imagination, and role-play skills in the drama, which is designed to guide them through a process of questioning good versus evil, and right versus wrong, to the triumph of compassion, creativity, courage, justice, and fun! 


Frogwarts enriches the lives of youth by providing a memorable experience that cultivates their creative, emotional, and imaginative intelligences. In addition to critical thinking and literacy skills, the program provides experiential training in empathy and compassion through drama. 

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Amazing wizards! 

Incredible adventures!

Building flexibility and emotional IQ!

Lifelong friends and indelible memories!

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