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Monday, July 15, 2019

The FUN and ADVENTURE and the STORY so far: Today, we spent some time enjoying the beautiful pool at camp in the afternoon to ward off some of the heat. After a delicious meal of pork loins, potatoes, salad the wizards had a class, and then spent the afternoon in the beautiful pool of wetness. Later in the day, they worked on their Mummer's plays, which included a comical death, a magical resuscitation caused by a novel us of an EGG, and then a resurrection celebration. At the end of the evening of hilarious plays, they were greeted by the sudden appearance of a Wendigo! It came out of the woods and chased them  away from the amphitheatre. Everyone ran to the Great Hall, where we calmed down and had a satisying Bedlunch of cookies and milk.  

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