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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The fun and adventure and the story so far!

After yesterdays' Wendigo siting, everyone was on high alert. But there was no sign of the Wendigo as the day went on, and the STP group did their best to Secure the Perimeter. Late in the evening, after a wonderful and impressive Open Mic, the wizards went outside to Make a Circle, Make Make a Circle and howl at the full moon. After everyone howled from their toes, a lone wolf howled back at them! Most of the wizards ran into the great hall for safety, but some of the braver ones stayed outside under the full moon, only to see a wolf with their own eyes, running past them!  He sure was running from something! but what? Once all the wizards were inside the great hall, enjoying a Bedlunch of apple pie and chocolate milk, another, different wolf -- a  werewolf! -- appeared outside the Great Hall! He followed some of the wizards through the darkness to their dorms! Fortunately, ALL of the dorms are safety zones, and NO dark magic is able to get through their doors so all of the wizards were SAFE.  

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